Friday, March 18, 2011

Sun Day: Energy Conservation Day

Our BLUE PLANET is facing lethal problem of CLIMATE CHANGE. We need to change our daily life as ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. Just switching off electricity for one hour once in a year is NOT A SUFFICIENT STEP to reduce the impact of Climate Change.
So, we need a regular conservation of Energy resources; for this a new MODEL of Sun Day has been developed by me and environmentalist Dr. Rajeev Chauhan. In this model, On every Sunday, we will not use non-renewable forms of energy like electricity for at-least ONE HOUR. We need this to save Earth from the lethal impact of CLIMATE CHANGE. The idea of name Sun Day and the selection of day was given by me and the idea of switching off electricity more than once was given by Dr. Rajeev Chauhan. Dear readers, you are welcome to join this on Facebook.


  1. Thanks Rajeev. One + One can transform the current society into green society. We can do this.